We’re almost there!!!


Our last push raised $770.00 and in the last couple days, we’ve been able to bargain the cost from $1200 to $1000 for a plot at Calgary Cemetery, in Herkimer NY (Rhonda’s hometown’s only Catholic cemetery, located side by side with Oak Hill), and even got the funeral home owner to donate the necessary vault for free. 
We’re almost there. 
We need another $230 to allow Rhonda the dignity of finally being settled, and then we have time to get her the marker and such.  The spring has arrived in Herkimer, and we need to get her home and safe for good.  Please help us get this phase of the effort done.  Our Rhonda needs her rest.  It’s been a nightmare for her and we need to be there for her to bring it to a close.
Thank you, and may God bring wonderful people to your aid in your time of need as well.
TO CONTRIBUTE: Please give whatever you can afford, no matter how small, every dollar helps. Fund in Memory of Rhonda DuPont

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Please Help

TO CONTRIBUTE: Please give whatever you can afford, no matter how small, every dollar helps. Fund in Memory of Rhonda DuPont
An old photo of Rhonda M. DuPont holding her son Ryan R. Peeler.

An old photo of Rhonda M. DuPont holding her son Ryan R. Peeler.

On January 19th, Rhonda DuPont, a wonderful woman that I grew up with, was brutally murdered by her own son, Ryan, in a psychotic rage, as the paranoid schizophrenia he suffers finally claimed him for good.

She fought a lonely battle for years to get him the help he needed, and died trying to simply deliver food to him as he sat in a cheap, lonely motel room – the best she could manage for him as she faced one crushing set back after another. 
Her tragedy immediately became tabloid fodder in the Upstate New York area where we both grew up, and now threatens to become a complete farce as her family hasn’t the money to provide her with a grave, and some members have become publicly belligerent about the insult to injury this financial issue presents.
I take care of the memorial website linked above, and noticed the posted comment (Journal page) referring to the financial issue yesterday (March 25).  Her sister posted that the amount needed is $1,000, and I am hoping that this amount will now be raised by decent and caring folks who can appreciate the justice in allowing Rhonda’s memory to be spared the indignity of a public spectacle surrounding her family’s inability to pay for her plot and burial expenses. 
Any and all donations will be properly administered through a 3rd party fund manager, and directed to the Oak Hill Cemetery for purchase of the plot itself, as well as to the appropriate professional recipients for the specific burial expenses involved. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will find it in your heart to add to the funds being gathered on Rhonda’s behalf.
Rick Carroll
TO CONTRIBUTE: Please give whatever you can afford, no matter how small, every dollar helps. Fund in Memory of Rhonda DuPont

A Perfect Storm

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A Moment in History

I have absolutely nothing to add to this. Enjoy this moment in political history.

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Good Ol’ Time Spam

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A Gospel of Controversy

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The Lies that Matter

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Which it just might.

I’ve even gotten sucked up into the vortex of it all, as it’s swirled and spun around me. The pull is strong, and I’m as much a sucker for controversy as anyone. In fact, I tend to get even more emotionally involved in it all that some. I don’t know. Maybe I need yet another hobby in my life?

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